[Wedding story] Sophisticated Wedding in Seoul

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[Wedding Story] Sophisticated Wedding in Seoul
The groom Tom is Korean/Dutch, the bride Jenna is Korean/Australian and for this wonderful and unique day they both wanted to seal their love in their native country : South Korea.
Jenna 💕 Tom
Special guest - Pastor is sending his blessings 
 Tom & Jenna already had an idea about their dreaming wedding, a simple, classic and elegant one. They contacted Wedit to make this dream come true. 
Vista WalkerHill Hotel
Han River view from the SKYARD
It happened on May 26 2018, in the beautiful SKYARD of the Vista WalkerHill Hotel.
Ceremony main stage
Jenna with mum
The ceremony started with the Processional of Bride and mother. The groom is going to see the Gorgeous Bride for the first time in her designer-made wedding dress 💕 
Tom is waiting for the Bride

Tom composed a music and recorded the piano version for their Processional and Recessional !!
Exchange of Vows

Jenna 💕 Tom
The ceremony was really beautiful and full of emotions, it was hard not to have tears in the eyes.
Jenna 💕 Tom with friends
Bridal Table
The Reception was in Cosmos Hall in Grand WalkerHill Hotel
Cosmos Hall

The reception part was full of fun and joy. 
Bouquet Toss was the climax !!

3 Tier Wedding Cake
Well, the completion of the ceremony can not be without cutting the cake 🍰 The cake was a Surprise Present from Australian friend Elody 😇  

Cute Wedding Favors : Korean traditional Fan and Perfume soap

wedding favors and guestbook
 Such an Elegant Wedding !! Congratulations, Jenna 💕 Tom!!

To have more information about Wedding Preparations in Korea, 
Please visit wedit.kr

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