[Wedding in Korea] Koreans are having Culture Shock about the Wedding Style in Korea

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[Wedding in Korea] Koreans are having Culture Shock about the Wedding Style in Korea

Have you been to Korean "Wedding Hall" Wedding???

What was your impression?

        Let me tell you first about my impression. The first time I went to my Korean Language Teacher's Wedding. The wedding hall was in Gangnam area, Seoul. It was easy to find the building, but not the ceremony room itself. When you enter the building, you feel like in some kind of exhibition business center. There were so many people and so many rooms. All rooms were almost the same design, it remembered me a Church hall from the western movie. The difference was the welcome board in front of each room. In each room, there was a wedding ceremony for different couples. That's why the whole building was full of people.. they were the guests of other couples from each room.  I understood it later, because of many people it is hard to ask where is what..you don't know them, and they don't know you. After the official part of the ceremony, everyone goes to another room to eat. Imagine all the guests from all the rooms in the building goes to the same place to eat! There is no time to talk to the groom and bride. I couldn't even send my regards to them, they looked so busy to leave the ceremony room. Because in a few minutes another couple is going to have their ceremony in that same room (Weirdo :D) !!

        I went to the buffet place. It was packed. Lots of people taking their plates and eating with the stranger in one roundtable. I didn't get the idea of doing that, I just left the place. I thought that is the culture shock!

       I was talking to my friends and asked them about their impressions of Korean wedding. Here what they said via kakao messenger. The interesting thing is they have almost the same impression!


This topic was a hot issue that was discussed among Koreans in Naver blog. According to comments not only foreigners are getting Culture Shock but the locals too are having CULTURE SHOCK about their Wedding Ceremony!!! These are the comments they gave in WEDIT CEO's Naver blog post about the Korean Way of Wedding :

Let me wrap up the content:

- Don't know for whom this Wedding was prepared, for the couples or parents;

- I think it's not correct to invite the guests with whom you are not even in close relations... everyone just come to eat and go;

- the culture of inviting lots of people comes from the history..but if there were no Chuguigeum (money gift for happy occasions) culture from the beginning we could have enjoyed the ceremony...


- it's so ironical! they spend lots of money for that kind of ceremony;
- Wedding halls are just for money..and the guests are coming just because they were invited.. all are busy, the others do their wedding almost, in the same way, so did I...that's the reality...
- I think that kind of weddings is a big problem! Elder generation never agrees to make a small wedding with only 20 guests... WHY? Because they have to receive the Chuguigeum that they spread to 

- I can't understand why people do this kind of Weddings?
- Even being a Korean I hate this! 3000 times agree that it's a Problem!

I was so impressed reading these comments... The younger generation in Korea understands that "Wedding Hall" Weddings are a big problem. They don't want that kind of weddings. The problem is the Elders... This is a huge GENERATION GAP Problem! It means there is a huge misunderstanding between Generations in Korea. 

Foreigners may accept this kind of Weddings as a Culture, but if the locals see it as a problem... then it means there is a SOMEthing to think about. 

Thanks a lot for reading! 
Will prepare something more interesting next time!
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