Top 3 Outdoor Wedding Venues in or nearby Seoul (non-wedding hall venues)

It's really difficult to find Outdoor Wedding Venues especially in or nearby Seoul.
I want to present Top 3 Outdoor Wedding Venues in or nearby Seoul (non-wedding hall venues) according to Spring Weddings that WEDIT held.

Here we go!

1. Garden Gallery.
It's located in a small town called Namyangju, the place has semi-forest atmosphere.

Since it was the end of April, the bride and groom used more natural colors, white and green which gave the place more isolated and private garden feeling.

It was an international couple wedding, two cultures English and Korean were unified into one this day. The decoration was done in a special way the bride wanted by the WEDIT partner Odd Carpenter.

Warm atmosphere among close friends and relatives. You can have meal outdoor where the ceremony was held or there is separate indoor space for that too.

The location of the venue you can find below and more information about reservation here

2. Skyard Vista Walker Hill Seoul
It's a rooftop of Vista Walker Hill Hotel located in Eastern part of Seoul. The venue has a stunning view to Han River and Seoul Tower.

You can arrange canape and drinks as a welcome food and chill outside with your friends and family. They have bar stage on the opposite sight to the main ceremony stage.

The location is not that far from Seoul, it takes only 30 minutes drive. For reservation and more information you can check here

3. Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon

It's Korean traditional Hanok style hotel with private rooms and gardens. Also you can find private Royal suites for family and bride and groom with small private cozy gardens which can be perfect location for the ceremony. 

This venue has different types gardens and places similar to Korean Palaces. It's a perfect place to have reception and after parties with the dance floor, the venue can fit up to 500 guests !!

You can do different layouts and get different types of concepts since the space allows to do experiments. This venue is different from those typical Hanok villages, because you have a harmony of old Korea inside and Modern Korea as a background outside of the venue.

More information about the location of the venue you can check here

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여성 유망직종? 웨딩플래너/웨딩디렉터 되는법  
안녕하세요 웨디터입니다:) 오늘은 많은분들이 관심가져 주실만한 이야기를 들고왔어요! 이번에 저희 웨딧에서 "웨딩디렉터 양성과정"을 준비하였답니다. '스몰웨딩'에 대한 관심이 높아지고 수요가 높아지면서 많은분들이 웨딩디렉터에 대해서 관심을 보여주고 계시는데요, 감사하게도 많은 분들이 저희 웨딧에 '저도 디렉터가 되고 싶어요!'라는 이야기들을 들려주시고 계시답니다. 이렇게 웨딩디렉터에 열정을 가진분들을 위해 준비하였답니다.
그리고 요새 신랑신부들은 나만의 개성있는 결혼식, 나의 소중한 사람들과 함께하는 프라이빗한 결혼식을 원하는 니즈가 많아졌죠. 그러다 보니 기존의 웨딩홀에서 하는 예식이 아닌 레스토랑, 카페, 루프탑, 펜션 등 여러 다양한 장소에서 예식을 올리고 싶어하시는 분들이 많아졌습니다.
예식장소와 더불어 기존의 정형화된 예식 형태에서 탈피하여 우리집 댕댕이와 함께하는 웨딩이라던지, 하객참여형 예식등 정말 여러가지 형태와 이벤트를 가진 웨딩들에 대한 수요도 정말 높아졌습니다. 이런 시대의 변화에 따라 실제로 웨딩플래너 분들께서도 현실적으로 이런 스몰웨딩,야외웨딩을 어떻게 준비해야하는지에 대해 궁금해 하시는 분들도 많으실거라 생각되어집니다. 이미 웨딩전문가 이지만 웨딩플래닝에 디렉팅 더하기! 라는 느낌으로 나를 한 단계 업그레이드 시키는 계기가 되실 수 있을거에요!

그리고 무엇보다 교에서 배우기 어려운 실전, 실무를 경험해 보고 싶은 학생들이나 아와 일을 함께 병행할 수 있는 보람있는 직업을 찾는 경력단절여성 분들께도 정말 좋은 강의! 꿀팁!이 될거라고 생각해요.
특히 '웨딩'이라는 매력적인 분야가 궁금하지만 사실 생각보다 정확히 무슨일을하는지, 연봉은 어떻게 되는지, 웨딩디렉터로써 어떤 자격과 자세를 가져야하는지 등등 모르는 부분이 참 많죠. 이런 궁금증을 저희 웨딧아카데미의 웨딩디렉터 양성과정에서 싹 해결해 드리고자해요!

Tips on getting ready the D-Day

Tips on getting ready the D-Day

The wedding day has come, the last preparations are done, there is nothing for it but to say 'Yes I do' to the love of your life. Of course, it will probably cause stress, anxiety and a bit of fear so here some tips to deal with it in order to make it as the most beautiful day of your life.
picture is from Wedit->Lazander and Taeri's wedding, May 20th, 2018
Being surrounded
Indeed, whether your are a bride or a groom, it is really important to be surrounded by your bridesmaid/best man as well as few members of your family and friends (3 or 4 persons). They will help you through this stressful moment, they will know what to say or what to do to make you feel better and ready to face this day. Moreover, it is essential for the couple to feel supported and encouraged because it will lead to a great, serene and enjoyable day full of love and peaceful moments.

Picture is from WEDIT->Wonjae and Keiko's wedding. January 28th, 2018
In order to avoid the rush, make sure to give you plenty of time to get ready, and not to forget about anything. It is preferable to start the preparations earlier, to be sure of being on time and enjoying every single moment. We recommend you to allow about 2 hours for makeup and hairstyle, and 2 more hours to eat and to have a bit of time with your entourage. So the time is very important and it must not be overlooked! To prevent a chaos on the wedding day, you will definitely need a Wedding Coordinator, who will take care of everything for you before and during the wedding ceremony!
Picture is from Wedit->Forest and Jillian's wedding. May 19th, 2018
D day survival kit
For this very special day, it will be necessary to keep within easy reach few items that could save you in case of any annoyances... 
- First aid kit with bandages and pills for headache or stomachache 
- Tissues, very helpful for such an emotional day 
- Makeup bag, for any adjustments 
- A bottle of water
- a spare shoes

This was our tips to get ready the D day, we hope it was helpful and we wish you the best wedding ever!
Feel free to comment for further information.

How to choose at best your wedding dress ?

How to choose at best your wedding dress ? What is a bride without a wedding gown? Indeed, the choice of your dress is a primordial stage in the process of preparations of your wedding. 
So we are going to guide you in order to find the perfect dress to make this day as perfect as possible!
So here are the answers for the question

How to choose at best your wedding dress ?

1. It is really important for a bride to already have an idea about what she is looking for (the style, the color, the fabric...) by browsing on the internet or shops. And she also has to think about the budget, how much she wants to put in the dress.

a picture is from
2. Another essential point of the wedding dress quest is, being aware of your own morphology. Sometimes the dream dress does not fit you as you expected, that is why it is important to take into account the shape of your body and to show yourself to advantage. If you cannot find any dress you like in the dress shops you can make a special designed dress. 

a picture is from
3. Then make sure not to forget about, first, the season of your wedding. Obviously, you have to adapt the dress because you can not wear the same type of gown whether in summer or winter. You also have to keep in mind the setting place of the wedding because your dress must reflect the general atmosphere and theme of the wedding.

a picture is from
4. In terms of color, the white dress remains as the most common choice but you can also wear a colored or two-colored dress. However this type of gowns have to match your complexion as well as your body shape. So if you choose colorful dress, you should opt for soft and pastel colors because strong colors like bright red or fuchsia have a tendency to make you look older. 

a picture is from
5. Finally, if you want to put some accessories we advise you not to overload too much ( a pair of earring and a necklace for instance will be enough). And do not forget to find a dress in which you can feel comfortable and free to move, enjoy and dance all night long. This is the most important!!
a picture is from

Hope we have helped you and we wish you the best for your dress seeking!
P.S. All pictures that were used are the dresses from dress shops in Seoul, South Korea.

[Wedding story] Beautiful Wedding in Korea

[Wedding story] Beautiful wedding in Korea

It was the beginning of 2018. Lovely couple has visited WEDIT office. She's from North Carolina, he's from South Korea.
They already had a vision of their beautiful wedding in Korea. They wanted a romantic traveling concept wedding. 
They prepared luggage tags for guests.
Beautiful wedding in Korea. 
I still remember all the process. It was not the wedding that we used to see. This kind of wedding I have experienced for the first time.
 I will explain it why...

1. Bride and groom didn't see each other for 24 hours. Nowadays no one follows those rules.

2. They wrote their vows separately. They haven't shown their vows to each other.
3. The groom saw the bride after 24 hours when she walked in with her father. Can you imagine their emotions?!
4. The ceremony itself was sacred, no clapping, no noise, no introduction, just music. The guests were so concentrated which is not common in Wedding Hall Korean Weddings.
The Officiant and MC were WEDIT CEO Shin Han. He made an announcement about the ceremony, that it's sacred, and guests should not make any noise, all their concentration should be on the ceremony.
First walk-in... Groom is walking-in followed by groomsmen and bridesmaids...
Everyone is waiting for the bride...and Officiant asks the guests to stand and welcome the beautiful bride and her father!
Here is the Gorgeous Bride!
Here is the Groom meeting the Bride, father is giving his blessings to their marriage...
The scene is full of emotions which brings tears to the Bride's eyes... Their first meeting after 24 hours (everyone was touched by this scene)😭
The second part of the ceremony has started! More relaxed and casual, full of fun and joy!
Here is the introduction of groomsmen and bridesmaids! They re-enter dancing and having fun!

Now is the re-entrance of Newly Weds!!! 
You can see how happy they are!!!
Pictures with friends!
Even the wedding ceremony has its end, the Newly Wed's life has just started! Wish you happily Married life!!

For more info visit

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