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Introducing New Wedding Director Jessica

Hello everyone! I am the newest wedding director at Wedit, Jessica. I am from USA and have been living in Korea for 5 years. Before entering this company, I was working at a marketing company that was working in liason with pre-wedding photography studios. At that time I had the opportunity to visit various studios, dress shops and suit shops while also learning more about hair and make-up. 

In Korean, we call this SeuDeuMae, 스드메, Seu is studio, Deu is dress and Mae is makeup. I was very happy at my job, and loved all the clients that I had the opportunity to work with, but I wanted to learn more about the wedding industry in Korea. So I entered Wedit and I have been blessed with the opportunity to consult clients from all over the world who are interested in having a fully customized beautiful wedding done their way in Korea. 

Wedit is like no other company. We understand the needs of our international couples and the struggles they go through to have a beautiful wedding that reflects their ideas of what a wedding ceremony is. 

We can help you and work with you. We are always on your side. We will help you create the dream wedding you’ve always wanted while also taking you through all the steps that are necessary in planning a wedding. We will send you schedules of what needs to be completed and when, recommendations of vendors that best match your style and taste and check on you from time to time to see how you are doing. 

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you today. Contact us and let us know what kind of wedding you and your spouse envision and we will help pave the way. 

To start planning your own wedding, check out our website in which we have only the best venues and vendors in Korea listed or call us to set up a first meeting. 

In the first meeting we will listen to what type of wedding you would like and provide recommendations and then we will give you an overall average price listing. 

You can come to our office for the first meeting or we can set up a Skype meeting for those living abroad. We look forward to meeting you and congratulations on your engagement!

Wedit Website:
Phone number: (02) 718-1011 

International Wedding in Korea Statistics

International Wedding in Korea: current state

Every year the number of International Marriages are increasing in Korea. This numbers were also noticeable in International Couples' Wedding that WEDIT planned this year.  
Marriage and Divorce Statistics in 2017, p3.
retrieved from
According to Marriage Statistics in 2017 the number of marriages in Korea was 264.5 thousand, which decreased by 6.1% from 2016. The Crude Marriage1 rate showed 5.2 which was recorded as the lowest figure since the statistical production in 1970[1].  
Marriage and Divorce Statistics in 2017, p3.
retrieved from
The number of marriages with foreign spouses increased by 1.2%, to 20.9 thousand in 2017[1]. 

Marriage and Divorce Statistics in 2016, p15.
retrieved from
The nationalities where Korean men marry foreign women, Vietnam shows the highest figure, it is 36.1%, then China is 26.1%, and Thailand is 6.8%. Comparing to the last year Thailand has increased to 41.3%, China has decreased to 7.6%, and the USA has decreased by 5.1%[2].  

Marriage and Divorce Statistics in 2016, p15.
retrieved from
The nationalities where Korean women marry foreign men China shows the highest figure, it is 25.5%, after that the USA 23.3% and Vietnam 9.8%. Compared to the last year China has increased to 4.1% and Canada also has increased to 9.5% and Japan has decreased by 18.4%[2]. 

According to TheChosunilbo Korean men want to marry foreign women because they are less picky about their husband's educational background and financial status. Korean women choose a foreign spouse because a foreign husband seems to be more dedicated to his family and the life seems more relaxed compared to the marriage life with Korean man[3]. 

Crude Marriage is the number of marriages per 1000 person

1. Marriage and Divorce statistics (2017). Retrieved from
2. Marriage and Divorce statistics (2016). Retrieved from
3. The Chosunilbo (October, 2012). Why Korean men marry foreign women. Retrived from

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[Wedding story] Sophisticated Wedding in Seoul

[Wedding Story] Sophisticated Wedding in Seoul
The groom Tom is Korean/Dutch, the bride Jenna is Korean/Australian and for this wonderful and unique day they both wanted to seal their love in their native country : South Korea.
Jenna 💕 Tom
Special guest - Pastor is sending his blessings 
 Tom & Jenna already had an idea about their dreaming wedding, a simple, classic and elegant one. They contacted Wedit to make this dream come true. 
Vista WalkerHill Hotel
Han River view from the SKYARD
It happened on May 26 2018, in the beautiful SKYARD of the Vista WalkerHill Hotel.
Ceremony main stage
Jenna with mum
The ceremony started with the Processional of Bride and mother. The groom is going to see the Gorgeous Bride for the first time in her designer-made wedding dress 💕 
Tom is waiting for the Bride

Tom composed a music and recorded the piano version for their Processional and Recessional !!
Exchange of Vows

Jenna 💕 Tom
The ceremony was really beautiful and full of emotions, it was hard not to have tears in the eyes.
Jenna 💕 Tom with friends
Bridal Table
The Reception was in Cosmos Hall in Grand WalkerHill Hotel
Cosmos Hall

The reception part was full of fun and joy. 
Bouquet Toss was the climax !!

3 Tier Wedding Cake
Well, the completion of the ceremony can not be without cutting the cake 🍰 The cake was a Surprise Present from Australian friend Elody 😇  

Cute Wedding Favors : Korean traditional Fan and Perfume soap

wedding favors and guestbook
 Such an Elegant Wedding !! Congratulations, Jenna 💕 Tom!!

To have more information about Wedding Preparations in Korea, 
Please visit

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Destination wedding in Korea

Today's wedding story is about Jordan and Vivian, a couple who did their Destination wedding in I.O.U Restaurant, Seoul on May 31st.

Destination wedding in Korea
Before the ceremony the guests were invited to leave some cute memories for the soon to be married couple for this unforgettable day.

A handsome Groom is walking down the aisle
The ceremony began with the traditional groom first entrance then the bride with her father. They chose the OST of the famous drama Descendant of the Sun <Always> as the song of Processional for the Bride and father. Getting married in Korea with this song as the wedding ceremony entrance is a dream came true for these K-Drama Lovers.

Exchange of the vows
The most touching moment was "Exchange of the Vows". Their Vows were different from other Vows, it were full of memories and fun stories 💕 

They chose the OST of the famous drama Descendant of the Sun <You are my everything> as their Recessional song. Such a beautiful wedding!!!

Family and friends 
he ceremony was full of joy and happiness, Jordan&Vivian was surrounded by their family and friends in this wonderful day. 

First dance

Just married !!!

For more info about wedding preparation visit

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Top 3 Outdoor Wedding Venues in or nearby Seoul (non-wedding hall venues)

It's really difficult to find Outdoor Wedding Venues especially in or nearby Seoul.
I want to present Top 3 Outdoor Wedding Venues in or nearby Seoul (non-wedding hall venues) according to Spring Weddings that WEDIT held.

Here we go!

1. Garden Gallery.
It's located in a small town called Namyangju, the place has semi-forest atmosphere.

Since it was the end of April, the bride and groom used more natural colors, white and green which gave the place more isolated and private garden feeling.

It was an international couple wedding, two cultures English and Korean were unified into one this day. The decoration was done in a special way the bride wanted by the WEDIT partner Odd Carpenter.

Warm atmosphere among close friends and relatives. You can have meal outdoor where the ceremony was held or there is separate indoor space for that too.

The location of the venue you can find below and more information about reservation here

2. Skyard Vista Walker Hill Seoul
It's a rooftop of Vista Walker Hill Hotel located in Eastern part of Seoul. The venue has a stunning view to Han River and Seoul Tower.

You can arrange canape and drinks as a welcome food and chill outside with your friends and family. They have bar stage on the opposite sight to the main ceremony stage.

The location is not that far from Seoul, it takes only 30 minutes drive. For reservation and more information you can check here

3. Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon

It's Korean traditional Hanok style hotel with private rooms and gardens. Also you can find private Royal suites for family and bride and groom with small private cozy gardens which can be perfect location for the ceremony. 

This venue has different types gardens and places similar to Korean Palaces. It's a perfect place to have reception and after parties with the dance floor, the venue can fit up to 500 guests !!

You can do different layouts and get different types of concepts since the space allows to do experiments. This venue is different from those typical Hanok villages, because you have a harmony of old Korea inside and Modern Korea as a background outside of the venue.

More information about the location of the venue you can check here

You would like to have your wedding in one of these venues ? 
You would like to know about our other partners ? 
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Find the detail of our services here and if you have any question, contact us at !