It seems like Wedit is appealing a lot to French people since I’m the 3rd French wedding director working for the company.

My name is Elodie and I have the pleasure to be the new member of Wedit team.

Over the past 6 months, I had the opportunity to meet many international couples looking for having their wedding held in Korea. If it’s clear that these couples have no intention to get married at a wedding hall, I also noticed that certain venues were getting a lot of attention from international couples.

Outdoor wedding is a very popular choice among Western/Korean couples and a venue like May Dining offers a wonderful setting to hold a unique ceremony.

May Dining wedding

Its traditional Korean garden is perfect for a whimsical wedding theme and enables the couples and their guests to enjoy a relaxing mood during the ceremony.

May Dining provides 3 different locations with each their own atmosphere. 
Knowing how beautiful Korea is during spring and autumn, booking this venue at those seasons would bring a touch of magic for the brides and grooms who are in love with nature and want to have a fairy tale like wedding.

May Dining Hill Garden

May Dining Flat Garden

May Dining Secret Garden

The venue is not located in downtown Seoul but near Dobong station, on the north part of the suburbs, so you should take in consideration the distance for the transportation.


For sure this location takes the celebration to an other level. With Seoul skyline view on one side and Namsan tower on the other side, Ibis Styles rooftop brings to weddings the “it” factor.

 Ibis Styles Myeongdong rooftop, Skyline view.

 Ibis Styles Myeongdong rooftop, Namsan tower view.

This venue is perfect for the brides and grooms looking for a chic and elegant ambiance with the possibility to combine indoor and outdoor at the same time.

Ibis Styles Myeongdong rooftop, ceremony main stage.

 Ibis Styles Myeongdong rooftop, indoor restaurant.

I also recommend this venue for couples looking for an after party location and who would like to keep having fun and dance to the latest popular songs played by a DJ.

This venue can only accommodate a small number of guests of 80~100 people.

지도 크게 보기
2019.9.10 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NAVER Corp.

Here is a gorgeous venue that catches the attention of many brides and grooms too.
The River is a great option for couples looking for an atypical location.

Those who enjoy riding boats and who are in love with Han river won’t think twice before booking such a venue. The River offers the possibility to have your ceremony indoor as well as enjoying the outdoor on the  terrace areas.

 The River 1st floor terrace hall

Brides and grooms will appreciate the quality of the catering, the facilities offered by The River and they can even make their big day more memorable by enjoying a romantic cruise on one of the venue’s yacht. If you’re looking to discover a different view of Seoul, The River offers this unique opportunity to capture the essence of the city for your ceremony.

  The River 2nd floor terrace hall

 The River 2nd floor terrace hall

The River 2nd Grand hall

Of course with such nice location and great facilities, the price of this venue is slightly more expensive than the average wedding location.

For some of the couples who come to our office, music is such big part of their life that they absolutely want to find a venue that could reflect this musical interest. 

Brides and grooms who want more of a great party than a traditional wedding, will be charmed by the decor and theme of this Jazz Cafe, perfect to enjoy a casual and elegant ceremony.

Cafe M provide a retro and authentic atmosphere making the brides and grooms feeling comfortable together with their guests while celebrating their wedding in a stylish way.

And to include jazz music within your wedding, there won’t be any better way than booking a live band to perform for your ceremony.

Like many Jazz cafe this venue provides few luminosity and could be considered quite dark compared to usual venues.


Many Western/Korean couples are tempted by having their ceremony held in Korean traditional Hanok. Unlike wedding hall, Hanok affords the spiritual and emotional luxury of feeling the change of the season and of traveling back in time.

One of the main reasons for couples to choose these types of venues is because they want to incorporate the beauty of Korean culture to their ceremony and for their guests, especially the foreign ones, to enjoy a meaningful moment.

Gayeheon only proceed to a wedding a day, so brides and grooms won’t have to feel pressured about rushing their guests to leave because of the uptime or evening time wedding of an other couple.

Venues like Gayeheon are particularly appreciated by the elderly and is perfect for a small, intimate marriage.

WEAK POINT: the access could be difficult because of the stairs and tables/ chairs rental as well as catering is not provided by the venue.

You would like to have your wedding in one of these venues ? 
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Meet Wedit international wedding director

Hello my name is Elodie and I'm in charge international couples at Wedit. I know how challenging it could be for international couples to plan their wedding in Korea especially if you don't want to go through the typical wedding hall process.

Do not worry, I'm here to help you and I'll be the partner that will guide you on the different steps of planning your wedding in Korea. My understanding of Korean and Western culture as well as all the different options of customization that I can offer to plan your wedding is a great advantage that you won't find with other wedding companies in Korea.

If you want to organize your marriage with less stress and more fun,

do not miss the opportunity to use Wedit full wedding directing service.

Wedding in Seoul: a couple's dream jazz cafe wedding

a couple's dream jazz cafe wedding 

Special jazz cafe wedding with LaLa Land inspired concept

Few months ago, a couple who loved jazz and travel came to visite our office. They wanted to have a special wedding and dreamed of a festival full of live jazz and wine. After much thought, the director of Wedit suggested to the couple to have a "La La Land in Seoul" wedding concept. 

The idea of the jazz and of the two of them freely living their dream was similar to the movie's main character Mia and Sebastian.

After thinking for a long time, the bride and groom decided to have a Lala Land's concept, and for that, the two of them worked hard to prepare their wedding while taking dance lessons. Let's see more about this ceremony that was full of music and dance, starting with their pre-wedding shots!

A month before the wedding, another sunny day, perfect for a pre-wedding video shooting.

Do you remember the summer dating scene between Mia and Sebastian? When Sebastian "bangs" and clams, Mia drives with her heart full of excitement and travels through Los Angeles.

The video starts with the couple leaving from Wedit's office and going on a small trip to visit Naksan Park and Jamsugyo bridge. Let's check together the shooting of LA LA LAND inspired pre-wedding video.


On Another Day of Sun, We are Reaching for the Heights


Before their upcoming wedding ceremony, they practiced dancing really hard during a couple of months and it's lovely to see them practice their choreography while they're in the village heading to Naksan Park.


A Beautiful View of Seoul from Naksan Park

For a lovely night.

It was heartbreaking that the groom had not been able to propose to the bride before marriage. So the Wedding Director, Kim Tae-ho, photographer of On Air Project, and the videographer Ko decided to organize a surprise proposal event for the bride while shootting their pre-wedding video.

We wanted to capture the image of the bride being surprised by the groom's proposal.
( A tear, a glance, a touch, a dance, a look in somebody's eyes to light up the skies, to open the world and send it reeling)



At the end of the day, the scene of the two lovers,  in Naksan park full of stars and starlight

And that's what Mia and Sebastian did in their dreams.

Edit calibration Lee Young Director's Exciting Wedding

For all those who dream

A month later

With beautiful memories at Naksan Park, the couple waited a month. For their most beautiful wedding day.

Not five years later, but a month later.

InsangEunjeong wedding day, A Lovely Night

On the Wedding Day

Venue CAFE M (카페엠)
A restaurant where people who love jazz gather, Cafe M

Flower decoration Magan Flower
Instead of a usual arch, Magan Director used Cafe EM's piano to decorate the back drop

For stage where the live jazz band perform, instead of a typical wedding arch, the couple decided to have their flower setting on the piano.  (inspired by green wedding shoes, LaLa Land inspired elopement). Hong Seul-ki, CEO of the Magan Flower, took care of the decoration setting for the piano, back wall, tables centerpiece.


The First look

I believe that a wedding should not be a show but the most intense and beautiful memory for the bride and groom. Of course taking great pictures and beautiful videos is cool, but the most important thing is the memory. Long time after their wedding, it will seem visually blurry, but for the bride and groom, but the feelings and emotions experienced that day would remind intact forever.

Two most important principles for a first look are one, not to show the wedding dress to the groom, second is, to not have pre-wedding photoshoot wearing the wedding dress. Try wearing your daily clothes or other clothes.
From the groom's perspective

From the bride's perspective
In the second floor room of Cafe EM

The Ceremony as a City of Stars

Entrance of the mothers
The two mothers choose to dressing style that match the atmosphere of the jazz club
Groom's entrance

The moment where the bride and groom meet each other

First Kiss, the groom can now kiss his bride

After party with music and dance

Flying off the ground 날아갈 수 있다면 If you’re the someone ready to be found 이를 찾을 수 있는 누군가가 당신이라면

                                              The first dance of the bride and groom
                                                            A random bouquet toss

Having a concept for your group picture

Instead of the hassle of waiting for a meal to take a picture of the original, the couple decided to take a conceptual photo of each group after meals.

The bride and groom decided to make a seating chart, dividing the seats of all guests and dividing the groups based on famous areas of Los Angeles. When each group was called out, people came out and took funny wedding group photos.

                                   A toast. The bride's sister gave me an impressive toast


If you're at a jazz club, it's a must to listen to live jazz! The live jazz band prepared for the celebration, three songs, from our familiar "Fly Me to the Moon" to deep jazz music, to entertain guests and the bride and groom's eyes and ears.

                                         In front of Café M., the ceremony is over
                A ceremony that was like a movie and that ended with Seoul as a background 

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