TOP 3 Christmas & New Years Party Venue in Seoul

Looking for a Great Venue for Private or Corporate Party?
Here are TOP 3 Venues in Seoul we recommend!

It gives a lot of stress to find a perfect venue for personal or corporate parties every year. If you are in the party planning committee :)  Hotel banquet every year is kinda lame and it hard to find a new cool venue in a city you actually don't know. Also most party planning service don't provide information in english :(

So we are here to recommend some great venues we've visited and worked with in Seoul, Korea.  

Great for Private and corporate parties

1. Tradinoi (

Tradinoi opened in 2019 and since it is new, the facilities and venue is clean and neat. Tradinoi provides serivce for weddings, private events as well as corporate events. Big IT corporates like Naver or Kakao has done it's events here. Beauty and fashion industires also have used Tradinoi for Brand launching and dinner parties.

Customized Catering (also very pretty)

Big glass windows and white modern interior is one of the top reasons why it is such a popular place. High ceilings and a beautiful chandelier would make any event luxurious and classy.

The most important part of a party is 'Food'. Tradinoi has its own catering brand and provides customized menu for each client. They can provide vegitartian menu and special menus for people who don't enjoy specific ingredients for religious cause.

Big LED Media Wall

There is a big LED Media wall at the entrance. So it would be very effective to promote your product or service. They also provide decoration and planning service in-house so you can plan your event on-stop.

Why We recommend TRA DI NOI

👍 Many experience (Corporate, Private)
👍 Great Interior design for any kind of event
👍 Customized international Food
👍 Large LED Media Wall

 C156 for corporate events

2. C156

C156 is a new, trendy venue in Seoul. It was a location for "Hotel Del luna" a famous Korean TV show staring IU, and also used for many Music Videos, Brand launching events and Company year end party. It is the Ultimate trendy Party venue.

 C156 Halloween Party

The hip underground pub is stylish with its own interior, you don't have to bring a lot of your own decorations. The sound system is well set since it was built by an owner who was formally a DJ and who knows his thing.

Why We recommend C156

👍 Trendy space - K pop & K drama
👍 Cool Interior design
👍 Great sound system and stage lighting

3. The River (더리버)
Finally, we present you a luxurious Yacht club at Han-river. The River is located between Banpo bridge and Dongjak bridge and you can see the whole view of Seoul, Han river and also Namsan Tower. It is a venue used for many TV shows, Movies and Music Video production, BMW's new brand launching show.

Terrace Hall

Great for VIP Corporate events with the luxury venues and also provided Yacht service. And just imagine a firework event scened at the Han river.

Grand hall
There are two space for events, Terrace hall (max 70 people) and Grand hall (max 120 people). There is also two more private VIP rooms for a group of 5~12 on the third floor. 

And the food is provided by Bella Cucina, company owned restaurant located on the first floor ov the venue. Bella Cucina serves on of the finest Italian food all across Seoul. It was introduced to Wednesday Food Talk (수요미식회 TVN) for its Steaks. The river also provides Japanese cuisines at its owned Hirota which provides high-end japanese dishes.  


👍Great view of Seoul and Han-river
👍 Private event rooms for VIP
👍 Unique events such as Yacht and Fireworks

Want to Plan a Trendy Event?

Nowadays parties are becoming a big thing even for somewhat conservative korean culture. Before it was just Samgyeopsal (Pork-belly) and Soju, but now people have a higher expectation for a party.

But it is not efficient nor time saving to do it all by yourself. What you need is an Expert.

We provide

1. Venue recommendation (Seach and visit venues on behalf of you)

2. Finding great vendors (Catering, Photo, Video etc)

3. Designing Themes for the party (and also executing them)

4. Staffs for the Event 

And the great part is, we provide these service in English and French too.

We have international party planners who are both fluent in Korean and English.
They would unload all the burdens you have when you are planning a party.
Let us know what you need! We are here to help!


Hello my name is Elodie and I'm in charge international costomer at Wedit. I know how challenging it could be for international costomer to plan their event in Korea especially if you don't want to go through the typical event process.

Do not worry, I'm here to help you and I'll be the partner that will guide you on the different steps of planning your event in Korea. My understanding of Korean and Western culture as well as all the different options of customization that I can offer to plan your event is a great advantage that you won't find with other event companies in Korea.

[WEDIT Corporate Event Portfolio]

- Kingman (the movie)

Fissler Korea

- Hipssler



It seems like Wedit is appealing a lot to French people since I’m the 3rd French wedding director working for the company.

My name is Elodie and I have the pleasure to be the new member of Wedit team.

Over the past 6 months, I had the opportunity to meet many international couples looking for having their wedding held in Korea. If it’s clear that these couples have no intention to get married at a wedding hall, I also noticed that certain venues were getting a lot of attention from international couples.

Outdoor wedding is a very popular choice among Western/Korean couples and a venue like May Dining offers a wonderful setting to hold a unique ceremony.

May Dining wedding

Its traditional Korean garden is perfect for a whimsical wedding theme and enables the couples and their guests to enjoy a relaxing mood during the ceremony.

May Dining provides 3 different locations with each their own atmosphere. 
Knowing how beautiful Korea is during spring and autumn, booking this venue at those seasons would bring a touch of magic for the brides and grooms who are in love with nature and want to have a fairy tale like wedding.

May Dining Hill Garden

May Dining Flat Garden

May Dining Secret Garden

The venue is not located in downtown Seoul but near Dobong station, on the north part of the suburbs, so you should take in consideration the distance for the transportation.


For sure this location takes the celebration to an other level. With Seoul skyline view on one side and Namsan tower on the other side, Ibis Styles rooftop brings to weddings the “it” factor.

 Ibis Styles Myeongdong rooftop, Skyline view.

 Ibis Styles Myeongdong rooftop, Namsan tower view.

This venue is perfect for the brides and grooms looking for a chic and elegant ambiance with the possibility to combine indoor and outdoor at the same time.

Ibis Styles Myeongdong rooftop, ceremony main stage.

 Ibis Styles Myeongdong rooftop, indoor restaurant.

I also recommend this venue for couples looking for an after party location and who would like to keep having fun and dance to the latest popular songs played by a DJ.

This venue can only accommodate a small number of guests of 80~100 people.

지도 크게 보기
2019.9.10 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NAVER Corp.

Here is a gorgeous venue that catches the attention of many brides and grooms too.
The River is a great option for couples looking for an atypical location.

Those who enjoy riding boats and who are in love with Han river won’t think twice before booking such a venue. The River offers the possibility to have your ceremony indoor as well as enjoying the outdoor on the  terrace areas.

 The River 1st floor terrace hall

Brides and grooms will appreciate the quality of the catering, the facilities offered by The River and they can even make their big day more memorable by enjoying a romantic cruise on one of the venue’s yacht. If you’re looking to discover a different view of Seoul, The River offers this unique opportunity to capture the essence of the city for your ceremony.

  The River 2nd floor terrace hall

 The River 2nd floor terrace hall

The River 2nd Grand hall

Of course with such nice location and great facilities, the price of this venue is slightly more expensive than the average wedding location.

For some of the couples who come to our office, music is such big part of their life that they absolutely want to find a venue that could reflect this musical interest. 

Brides and grooms who want more of a great party than a traditional wedding, will be charmed by the decor and theme of this Jazz Cafe, perfect to enjoy a casual and elegant ceremony.

Cafe M provide a retro and authentic atmosphere making the brides and grooms feeling comfortable together with their guests while celebrating their wedding in a stylish way.

And to include jazz music within your wedding, there won’t be any better way than booking a live band to perform for your ceremony.

Like many Jazz cafe this venue provides few luminosity and could be considered quite dark compared to usual venues.


Many Western/Korean couples are tempted by having their ceremony held in Korean traditional Hanok. Unlike wedding hall, Hanok affords the spiritual and emotional luxury of feeling the change of the season and of traveling back in time.

One of the main reasons for couples to choose these types of venues is because they want to incorporate the beauty of Korean culture to their ceremony and for their guests, especially the foreign ones, to enjoy a meaningful moment.

Gayeheon only proceed to a wedding a day, so brides and grooms won’t have to feel pressured about rushing their guests to leave because of the uptime or evening time wedding of an other couple.

Venues like Gayeheon are particularly appreciated by the elderly and is perfect for a small, intimate marriage.

WEAK POINT: the access could be difficult because of the stairs and tables/ chairs rental as well as catering is not provided by the venue.

You would like to have your wedding in one of these venues ? 
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Meet Wedit international wedding director

Hello my name is Elodie and I'm in charge international couples at Wedit. I know how challenging it could be for international couples to plan their wedding in Korea especially if you don't want to go through the typical wedding hall process.

Do not worry, I'm here to help you and I'll be the partner that will guide you on the different steps of planning your wedding in Korea. My understanding of Korean and Western culture as well as all the different options of customization that I can offer to plan your wedding is a great advantage that you won't find with other wedding companies in Korea.

If you want to organize your marriage with less stress and more fun,

do not miss the opportunity to use Wedit full wedding directing service.