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My name is Elodie and I’m the director in charge of international couples at Wedit.

I come from France, which means that I have a great sense of what is “Chic and Tasty” but I’m also from the Caribbean which means that I’ve got an even better sense of how to party!

My adventure with Wedit started at the beginning of 2019.I know it might sound surprising but for me working at Wedit isn’t a coincidence since I patiently prepared for 2 years to apply and came to Korea with the only goal of getting hired at this company.
The reason for such a unique purpose was that
I believed Wedit was the only company that truly wanted to change the wedding culture in Korea but also paid a special attention to international couples, knowing that they have different expectations from Koreans.
 I know what you might be thinking: who is crazy enough to move on the other side of the world just to work for a wedding startup company? Well I guess….. Me ^^

My background in interior design and in textile design as well as my experience in the hosting industry in Paris gave me strong base for this work. 

My interest in wedding planning started to grow when I did a collaboration with the French magazine Marie Claire Idées. 

Marie Claire’s editorial team contacted my university to work together on their issue of May-June 2013 and gave us the opportunity to create a beautiful project inspired by the theme of wedding. 

# Marie Claire Idées # 2013 #May-June issue

I designed a photobooth made in paper, inspired by nature and floral cutouts that bride and grooms could make themselves as a DIY project for their wedding. 
This project gave me a lot of motivation to pursue a career in the wedding industry.
#DIY # floral design # photobooth

After one year working at Wedit, I’ve learned and experienced so much that I’m now sure that my determination to be a part this company was the best decision I took in my life.

My first year as a wedding director was incredible and I’ve been lucky to work with adorable brides & grooms. They each had they own color, their own dream event in mind. I’m grateful for the trust they did put into me for taking care of one of the most important day of their life. 
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# Wedding rehearsal  # Korean and Japanese couple # customized ceremony
A big part of my work relies on communication. I regularly need to be in touch with my brides and grooms who often live abroad as well as I need to have a good contact with my vendors (koreans and foreigners) in order to successfully prepare each project. For this, I mostly communicate in English and Korean with my clients and vendors but sometimes I get the opportunity to use my mother tongue, French

I’ve been told by all the vendors I’ve worked with that I’m the only foreigner /westerner doing this work in Korea. I guess I should be proud of this title. In fact, it makes me really motivated to keep trying my best and share with them my knowledge of foreign wedding's culture so that they could also understand better international couples.

As a foreigner working in the wedding industry, in Korea, things could be challenging time to time but with the support of Wedit team I was able to bring joy and happiness to the couples I worked with. 
# Wedit team  

I’ll be honored to have the opportunity to plan and coordinate your wedding as I did for the couples helped in 2019. 

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Que la fete commence! 
(means “let’s the party starts” in French)

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If you need help planning your wedding in Korea,
click on the link to find out what service we provide: 

“ I know Korean Wedding Hall wedding sucks” Tradinoi, a venue also loved by international couples

“ I know Korean Wedding Hall wedding sucks”Tradinoi, a venue also loved by international couples

Our big season of Fall weddings is now over and we were so lucky to celebrate 
amazing ceremonies with our brides and grooms!

Now winter is coming and for the couples who chose to organize their wedding 
during this lower wedding season,
the options for the venue location get restricted to indoor venues.

I know what you are thinking already 
“ indoor venues are mostly wedding halls…. and weddings at wedding hall SUCK !”

Well, some alternative options do exist and today I’d like to introduce you to Tradinoi.

Tradinoi: the venue for a "Chic and Elegant" ceremony.

With its recent opening earlier this year, 
Tradinoi provides services for different types of events. 

They welcomed many private and corporate events for Big companies 
such as Naver or Kakao and offered their services for beauty and 
fashion industries for their Brand launching and Dinner parties. 

Tradinoi also had the opportunity to celebrate many weddings for their first year operating. 

Brides and grooms will appreciate its modern interior 
with big glass windows that enable the natural light to illuminate the venue.

Tradinoi’s high ceilings and it’s beautiful chandelier brings a touch of 
luxury and glamour to events celebration.

Tradinoi: the venue for a customized small wedding.

I know that the greatest wish of international couples is to be able to customize their wedding so that their ceremony will look just like them. With Tradinoi you can have your wish fulfilled.

First, let’s start with the Food! 
Not only is it one of the biggest expense of the wedding budget 
but it’s also one of the biggest concern of international couples,
since they pay a lot of attention to the quality of the food that will be served at their reception.

With Tradinoi and its catering brand, 
you’ll be able to customize your reception menu for an affordable price. 
The fact that they provide vegetarian menu and that they can design menus 
for people who might have restrictions due to religious reasons or allergies, 
is a point that a lot of foreign brides and grooms appreciate.

An other point that makes brides and grooms frustrated about their wedding preparation is not having the opportunity to personalize their wedding decoration.

Tradinoi offers customized consultation to discuss with the couple 
about their wish in terms of decoration.

They will offer various designs and quotations so that brides and grooms could choose the concept that match them at a reasonable price.

Third, Couples can also use the big LED Media wall at the entrance venue to welcome 
their guests with a video of personal pictures selection and they can also 
benefit from using Tradinoi’s in -house planning service to plan their event.

Tradinoi: the perfect venue for international couples.

Tradinoi is also an English friendly venue!

Being able to communicate smoothly with your venue in English is a worry that many couples have to face while preparing their wedding but since Tradinoi’s weddding director is an English speaker, problems of miscommunication won’t be a burden that foreign brides and grooms will have to go through. Tradinoi’s wedding director takes care personally of international couples so that they could be reassure about their wedding preparation. 

If some wedding venues might be afraid of working with international couples because of the language barrier, Tradinoi’s team is more than happy to welcome those couples and to organized the most beautiful day of their life.

International couples often organize several ceremonies 
(one in Korea and one in an other country) to celebrate with both side's families.

For this reason those couples are very careful with their budget.
However a restricted budget doesn't mean that drastic compromises 
should be done concerning their wedding organization.

So if you are looking for an indoor small wedding that can offer customized services with an affordable cost, do not hesitate any longer and go take a look at Tradinoi !


서울 강남구 도곡로99길 16 (대치동)

Phone number: 0507-871-5797 (KOR)


Kakao ID: wedit

TOP 3 Christmas & New Years Party Venue in Seoul

Looking for a Great Venue for Private or Corporate Party?
Here are TOP 3 Venues in Seoul we recommend!

It gives a lot of stress to find a perfect venue for personal or corporate parties every year. If you are in the party planning committee :)  Hotel banquet every year is kinda lame and it hard to find a new cool venue in a city you actually don't know. Also most party planning service don't provide information in english :(

So we are here to recommend some great venues we've visited and worked with in Seoul, Korea.  

Great for Private and corporate parties

1. Tradinoi (

Tradinoi opened in 2019 and since it is new, the facilities and venue is clean and neat. Tradinoi provides serivce for weddings, private events as well as corporate events. Big IT corporates like Naver or Kakao has done it's events here. Beauty and fashion industires also have used Tradinoi for Brand launching and dinner parties.

Customized Catering (also very pretty)

Big glass windows and white modern interior is one of the top reasons why it is such a popular place. High ceilings and a beautiful chandelier would make any event luxurious and classy.

The most important part of a party is 'Food'. Tradinoi has its own catering brand and provides customized menu for each client. They can provide vegitartian menu and special menus for people who don't enjoy specific ingredients for religious cause.

Big LED Media Wall

There is a big LED Media wall at the entrance. So it would be very effective to promote your product or service. They also provide decoration and planning service in-house so you can plan your event on-stop.

Why We recommend TRA DI NOI

👍 Many experience (Corporate, Private)
👍 Great Interior design for any kind of event
👍 Customized international Food
👍 Large LED Media Wall

 C156 for corporate events

2. C156

C156 is a new, trendy venue in Seoul. It was a location for "Hotel Del luna" a famous Korean TV show staring IU, and also used for many Music Videos, Brand launching events and Company year end party. It is the Ultimate trendy Party venue.

 C156 Halloween Party

The hip underground pub is stylish with its own interior, you don't have to bring a lot of your own decorations. The sound system is well set since it was built by an owner who was formally a DJ and who knows his thing.

Why We recommend C156

👍 Trendy space - K pop & K drama
👍 Cool Interior design
👍 Great sound system and stage lighting

3. The River (더리버)
Finally, we present you a luxurious Yacht club at Han-river. The River is located between Banpo bridge and Dongjak bridge and you can see the whole view of Seoul, Han river and also Namsan Tower. It is a venue used for many TV shows, Movies and Music Video production, BMW's new brand launching show.

Terrace Hall

Great for VIP Corporate events with the luxury venues and also provided Yacht service. And just imagine a firework event scened at the Han river.

Grand hall
There are two space for events, Terrace hall (max 70 people) and Grand hall (max 120 people). There is also two more private VIP rooms for a group of 5~12 on the third floor. 

And the food is provided by Bella Cucina, company owned restaurant located on the first floor ov the venue. Bella Cucina serves on of the finest Italian food all across Seoul. It was introduced to Wednesday Food Talk (수요미식회 TVN) for its Steaks. The river also provides Japanese cuisines at its owned Hirota which provides high-end japanese dishes.  


👍Great view of Seoul and Han-river
👍 Private event rooms for VIP
👍 Unique events such as Yacht and Fireworks

Want to Plan a Trendy Event?

Nowadays parties are becoming a big thing even for somewhat conservative korean culture. Before it was just Samgyeopsal (Pork-belly) and Soju, but now people have a higher expectation for a party.

But it is not efficient nor time saving to do it all by yourself. What you need is an Expert.

We provide

1. Venue recommendation (Seach and visit venues on behalf of you)

2. Finding great vendors (Catering, Photo, Video etc)

3. Designing Themes for the party (and also executing them)

4. Staffs for the Event 

And the great part is, we provide these service in English and French too.

We have international party planners who are both fluent in Korean and English.
They would unload all the burdens you have when you are planning a party.
Let us know what you need! We are here to help!


Hello my name is Elodie and I'm in charge international costomer at Wedit. I know how challenging it could be for international costomer to plan their event in Korea especially if you don't want to go through the typical event process.

Do not worry, I'm here to help you and I'll be the partner that will guide you on the different steps of planning your event in Korea. My understanding of Korean and Western culture as well as all the different options of customization that I can offer to plan your event is a great advantage that you won't find with other event companies in Korea.

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