[Wedding story] Beautiful Wedding in Korea

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[Wedding story] Beautiful wedding in Korea

It was the beginning of 2018. Lovely couple has visited WEDIT office. She's from North Carolina, he's from South Korea.
They already had a vision of their beautiful wedding in Korea. They wanted a romantic traveling concept wedding. 
They prepared luggage tags for guests.
Beautiful wedding in Korea. 
I still remember all the process. It was not the wedding that we used to see. This kind of wedding I have experienced for the first time.
 I will explain it why...

1. Bride and groom didn't see each other for 24 hours. Nowadays no one follows those rules.

2. They wrote their vows separately. They haven't shown their vows to each other.
3. The groom saw the bride after 24 hours when she walked in with her father. Can you imagine their emotions?!
4. The ceremony itself was sacred, no clapping, no noise, no introduction, just music. The guests were so concentrated which is not common in Wedding Hall Korean Weddings.
The Officiant and MC were WEDIT CEO Shin Han. He made an announcement about the ceremony, that it's sacred, and guests should not make any noise, all their concentration should be on the ceremony.
First walk-in... Groom is walking-in followed by groomsmen and bridesmaids...
Everyone is waiting for the bride...and Officiant asks the guests to stand and welcome the beautiful bride and her father!
Here is the Gorgeous Bride!
Here is the Groom meeting the Bride, father is giving his blessings to their marriage...
The scene is full of emotions which brings tears to the Bride's eyes... Their first meeting after 24 hours (everyone was touched by this scene)😭
The second part of the ceremony has started! More relaxed and casual, full of fun and joy!
Here is the introduction of groomsmen and bridesmaids! They re-enter dancing and having fun!

Now is the re-entrance of Newly Weds!!! 
You can see how happy they are!!!
Pictures with friends!
Even the wedding ceremony has its end, the Newly Wed's life has just started! Wish you happily Married life!!

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