TOP 3 Wedding Venues in Seoul (Non-wedding hall venues)

1/25/2017 Anonymous 3 Comments

It is never easy to find the perfect place for a small wedding, especially in a city like Seoul. 
You also don't want to marry in a wedding hall and you want a customized place that fits with your couple image. 

Cafe, Hotel, Pension, Rooftop, from 40 to 200 guests: there are a lot of possibilities !
Find here three of our recommended venues in the center of Seoul !

1. Mary's April

Mary's April has a rural English village atmosphere with beautiful lightings and very nice night interiors, perfect for you evening wedding !

There are also several rooms such as VIP room, bride waiting room, and the 'dream room' that you can use and customize as you wish.

In Mary's April, you can enjoy a home style buffet with morsel, salads, sandwiches and so ~

The place, with its warm decoration, bricks walls and European atmosphere can welcome 50 to 120 people.

* You can check this link to see details and reserve Mary's April.

2. IBIS Style Myeongdong

IBIS Style is based on the 21st floor, which is the rooftop of the Myeongdong Hotel.
With its view on the Seoul Tower and the whole city, this is the right place for a wedding ceremony or an after-party !

For lunch and dinner, you can have a buffet and for dinner only, you can order an outdoor BBQ with beer, wine and cocktails.

With WEDIT, you can also have discounts on the meal prices!
*There's a special Event from this January to March

Around 80 people can be welcomed in this festive, BBQ party-like rooftop !

* You can check this link to see details and reserve IBIS Styles Myeong-dong.

3. Cafe Margot

The Cafe Margot has a hanok traditional atmosphere with a warm interior. 
Its traditional gates and red bricks make the place quiet and calm, perfect for a romantic wedding.

The place also offers traditional teas and coffees with different kind of dessert.

With around 40 people, you can have in the Cafe Margot a small, intimate wedding in a traditional and calm ambience.

* You can check this link to see details and reserve Cafe Magot.

You would like to have your wedding in one of these venues ? 
You would like to know about our other partners ? 
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  1. Quite beautifully decorated small wedding venues. My cousin organized her wedding at one of the striking DC wedding venues last month. Function was a real success and praised by all. Each and every arrangement was done in a fantastic manner.

  2. Nice wedding venues! I really love it. Do you know the wedding services packages each venue? Thanks