[Wedding story] Another gorgeous international couple

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In the short time I worked with WEDIT as a director, this wedding was sincerely the most touching I attended.
On April 15th, Jasmine from Canada and Sangjun from Korea, a more than lovely couple, got married in Seulberg Pension, in Yangpyeong.

The planning of the ceremony itself wasn’t always easy for the bride and groom. The couple faced several life and cultural obstacles (I think they can relate to most of the obstacles we talked about in this article) but like everyone could see at the wedding, their strong love surpassed all of them.

The ceremony was shooted by Greg Samborski (you can see more of his work in our previous article) on a sunny, happy and memorable day.

 As some were relaxing before doing their make up with a face mask, some family members took care of one essential thing of the day : the drinks. Indeed, the pension offered a very nice and natural fridge : a mountain spring.

In the Canadian culture, the groom cannot see the bride until she get prepared, a point that was really important for the bride. As she was with her bridesmaids, the groom got prepared with his groomsmen and with the help of his soon-to-be Mother in law.

Even if the ceremony was delayed, making hungry and angry some guests, close friends and family as well as the groom gave speeches that every couple would like to hear from their loved ones.

During the ceremony, the couple mixed their two cultures by having a westernized ceremony while wearing the Hanbok, traditional Korean cloth.

Even after the obstacles faced, the day of the wedding as well, the couple offered us a very beautiful ceremony with touching vows and reactions (and happy tears !).

The ceremony table was decorated with beautiful flowers and greeneries by Choi Hyunmi from Petal Palette as well as very cute cupcakes and cake by Jayleen Yu from Sweet Seasons.

 After a romantic dance, and a good meal, the day finished with joyful dances and laughs until night and we left with an happy bride, groom and families.

Thank you to Jasmine and Sangjun for giving us this pretty day and to our partners who made the work easier !

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