Tips on getting ready the D-Day

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Tips on getting ready the D-Day

The wedding day has come, the last preparations are done, there is nothing for it but to say 'Yes I do' to the love of your life. Of course, it will probably cause stress, anxiety and a bit of fear so here some tips to deal with it in order to make it as the most beautiful day of your life.
picture is from Wedit->Lazander and Taeri's wedding, May 20th, 2018
Being surrounded
Indeed, whether your are a bride or a groom, it is really important to be surrounded by your bridesmaid/best man as well as few members of your family and friends (3 or 4 persons). They will help you through this stressful moment, they will know what to say or what to do to make you feel better and ready to face this day. Moreover, it is essential for the couple to feel supported and encouraged because it will lead to a great, serene and enjoyable day full of love and peaceful moments.

Picture is from WEDIT->Wonjae and Keiko's wedding. January 28th, 2018
In order to avoid the rush, make sure to give you plenty of time to get ready, and not to forget about anything. It is preferable to start the preparations earlier, to be sure of being on time and enjoying every single moment. We recommend you to allow about 2 hours for makeup and hairstyle, and 2 more hours to eat and to have a bit of time with your entourage. So the time is very important and it must not be overlooked! To prevent a chaos on the wedding day, you will definitely need a Wedding Coordinator, who will take care of everything for you before and during the wedding ceremony!
Picture is from Wedit->Forest and Jillian's wedding. May 19th, 2018
D day survival kit
For this very special day, it will be necessary to keep within easy reach few items that could save you in case of any annoyances... 
- First aid kit with bandages and pills for headache or stomachache 
- Tissues, very helpful for such an emotional day 
- Makeup bag, for any adjustments 
- A bottle of water
- a spare shoes

This was our tips to get ready the D day, we hope it was helpful and we wish you the best wedding ever!
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