Top 3 Outdoor Wedding Venues in or nearby Seoul (non-wedding hall venues)

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It's really difficult to find Outdoor Wedding Venues especially in or nearby Seoul.
I want to present Top 3 Outdoor Wedding Venues in or nearby Seoul (non-wedding hall venues) according to Spring Weddings that WEDIT held.

Here we go!

1. Garden Gallery.
It's located in a small town called Namyangju, the place has semi-forest atmosphere.

Since it was the end of April, the bride and groom used more natural colors, white and green which gave the place more isolated and private garden feeling.

It was an international couple wedding, two cultures English and Korean were unified into one this day. The decoration was done in a special way the bride wanted by the WEDIT partner Odd Carpenter.

Warm atmosphere among close friends and relatives. You can have meal outdoor where the ceremony was held or there is separate indoor space for that too.

The location of the venue you can find below and more information about reservation here

2. Skyard Vista Walker Hill Seoul
It's a rooftop of Vista Walker Hill Hotel located in Eastern part of Seoul. The venue has a stunning view to Han River and Seoul Tower.

You can arrange canape and drinks as a welcome food and chill outside with your friends and family. They have bar stage on the opposite sight to the main ceremony stage.

The location is not that far from Seoul, it takes only 30 minutes drive. For reservation and more information you can check here

3. Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon

It's Korean traditional Hanok style hotel with private rooms and gardens. Also you can find private Royal suites for family and bride and groom with small private cozy gardens which can be perfect location for the ceremony. 

This venue has different types gardens and places similar to Korean Palaces. It's a perfect place to have reception and after parties with the dance floor, the venue can fit up to 500 guests !!

You can do different layouts and get different types of concepts since the space allows to do experiments. This venue is different from those typical Hanok villages, because you have a harmony of old Korea inside and Modern Korea as a background outside of the venue.

More information about the location of the venue you can check here

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