[Your French Director] 6 months later at WEDIT

6/29/2017 Anonymous 0 Comments

It’s been 6 months now that I’ve been introduced to you guys on this blog ! And at this occasion, I’ll talk to you again more in detail about this experience in Wedit.

While looking back, I have to say first that I learned a lot, personnally and professionally.
My work as a director started with the help of the whole team who taught me all they could. I can’t deny it was kind of hard in the beginning to learn all those stuff in Korean after a 7 months stay in France where my Korean use was pretty limited.

As I started planning weddings for you, international brides and grooms, the first things I realized is that I was recognising myself in those couples who were confronting cultural, language or in-laws differencies and obstacles.

I also got to integrate this Wedit family which members are here for each other, even if they have bad days sometimes ! (Sorry guys ! Just joking, or not.. especially when you all eat salad for lunch and are hungry all afternoon ㅋㅋㅋ). 

As we got to learn more about our partners work by having them giving us classes, I also could see that Wedit cares about the people they work with even if, while planning your wedding, we’ll always be on YOUR side (I learned that as well in the hard way when fighting with the vendors to meet the requirements of the couple !).

I also learned much more than I thought I would about the Korea wedding market which has always been very particular in my point view, and even more now.

All that to say that the experiences with all of our brides and grooms were amazing and touching and my stay in WEDIT will be in my mind for long but I now have to go back to the homeland !

Wish all the best to you, brides, grooms and WEDIT family and I will see you again !

Melina ~ out !

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