[WEDIT from the inside] How do we plan your wedding

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Hello everyone !

As you can guess with our non-activity on the blog, we’ve been quite busy preparing weddings nowadays. And because we had to plan a lot of them during the last weeks, this is the perfect time to show you Wedit, from the inside !
How do we plan your wedding  ? How do we prepare it the week, days just before or even during the D-day ? I am taking you with me in our office to explain you what really happens when the deadline is getting closer.

Before jumping to the last weeks before the ceremony, I would like to talk to you quickly about the first day we meet you. This is always a special day for us and, the hour before our meeting, we keep wondering what kind of people are you, what kind of wedding do you want, which new experience will you drag us in ? All those questions which often lead us to talk to you a loooot.

After all the planning process, if we go few weeks before the wedding, we’ll probably be fixing all the little details with you and the vendors. If everything goes smoothly, the last week will be for you to relax, be with your family and friends from abroad if there are and finish writting your vows (maybe you finished them already, but we know it! Because you are busy, you usually do it the last week!).
We’ll skip the part « if everything doesn’t go smoothly » because first, there is no reason things don't go well and second, we don’t want to scare you haha.

The two last days are for us to gather all we need (and don’t need, but you know, « just in case ») for the D-day. Equipped with our checklists we keep filling our boxes with tools, decoration, paperwork and such until we feel safe. This is also the right time to call all the partners and remind them at which hours they should arrive at the wedding and ask them if they prepared eveything.

On the wedding day, we usually arrive at the venue few hours before the ceremony and take control of all the vendors. We sometimes turn ourselves into decorator assistants (I have to say, it's pretty nice) and we make sure that everything is on place before you and the guests arrive.

Finally, during the ceremony, we’ll be right next to you and check if eveything is going well and we’ll also manage all the technical parts so you do not need to worry about having the mics, your vows or the rings on time. Once you are finally declared married and the party is over, we take back all we came with and it is time for us to go and let you enjoy your newlywed life.

Apart from all these organizational steps, we do like being there for you at your wedding. Like your guests, even if we are part of the working staff in the venue, we are touched by your ceremony, your vows, the speeches your family make and I personally want to say that we do get moved by all this love all around.
And at the end of the day, if we have a happy couple in front of us, we are happy as well.

As always, if you would like to know more about our service, find the description of our services here and contact us at hello@wedit.kr or on the 1:1 chat of our homepage

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