What you should keep in mind when choosing a wedding venue in Korea

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If you heard or searched about weddings in Korea, you probably heard about wedding halls. If you decide to get married in one of those fancy buildings, you will have, for an indecent price (and I am not saying that in the good way), a one or two hours ceremony before being asked to leave quickly because it is the next couple turn, in a factory mood. Fact that is quite interesting when you learn that the traditional Korean wedding could last days (or months).

As couples are having their wedding simultaneously without a break, you can imagine that you will not be able to decorate the place as you wish because the next couple might not like your green and white tastes and there is no time to change it into a light pink mood between your and their wedding.

Also, all along your ceremony, you will be surrounded by the staff interfering in order to fix your dress, hair or makeup while the photographer will guide you in all your moves, without any freedom possible. And for some reasons, you will also realize that your once-in-a-lifetime day pictures will strangely look very similar to the other couple once-in-a-lifetime day pictures.

Concerning your guests, you will be able to see them by far as you walk the aisle. You will also greet them quickly (very quickly) as you walk around the place before they go eat with the other guests of the other weddings... Without you (sometimes they will even eat while watching your ceremony).

Then, you probably wonder, in this Korean wedding market which is a real business, where can I get married differently, in a place that fits me and that allows me to make that day a moment shared with my loved ones?

There are at least five different kind of wedding you could have, here in Korea:

Korean Traditional Wedding

Since you are in a country which is still close to its traditions, why not having a real traditional Korean ceremony? Even if this kind of wedding is very long and tiring both for the bride and groom because of the uncomfortable clothes (especially for the bride) and the continuously bows and stand ups, it will allows you to immerse yourself in your partner or your traditions in a very Korean scenic place. This option is perfect when done during spring or fall. 

Adela Hanok or Songdam Gotaek in the Gyeongi-do offers very traditional look places for that kind of ceremony.

Restaurant or Cafe Wedding

Restaurants and cafes are a good option for a venue if you wish to decorate the place more easily or to enjoy a better food, drinks or desserts. Also, as tables and chairs are already on the spot, you will not need additional fees to rent these.
Some restaurants and cafes also have very nice rooftops or terrasse.

Banjul Cafe, Danoi 218 or Cheongdam Pentarium also are very nice restaurants and cafes to have a special and nice atmosphere ceremony.

Outdoor Wedding

If you wish an outdoor wedding, you have here again several options. Either you can do it in a garden or in a public park. We do not recommend public parks as it will not be that intimate and personal. Indeed, not only your guests but also random walkers will have the chance to see how pretty is your dress or how good is the buffet. 
On the contrary, we do recommend the garden of a pension, a gallery or else, especially during spring or fall.

For exemple, our recommendations, among others, would be the Hill House or the Praum Music Instruments Museum. 

Pension Wedding

As we said, pension can be very nice for outdoors wedding but they also offer indoor spaces. Plus, even if the transportation is usually not very convenient, you can enjoy your day outside the busy town and spend more time with your guests by renting the rooms for the night. Most of the time, pensions do not provide any food, tables, chairs, etc and you will have to make all the decoration as well.

A lot of couples who come to see us appear to be interested in Seulberg Pension for exemple or the M&M Pension as well.

Gallery Wedding

Concerning galleries, they will allow you to choose between several very different designs. Even though decorating a gallery can be more difficult comparing to other places, a clear decoration ca also give a very nice mood to a wedding.

The Songeun Art Space is nowadays very popular and the Songra Art Forest has also a nice potential.

If you wish to find more about those venues or would like to discover other ones, please visit our website here.
You can also find the detail of our services here and do not hesitate to contact us at hello@wedit.kr if you have any question ! 

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