[International wedding in Korea] When the Korean tradition meet the Western tradition

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Danielle from Chicago and Kyumin from Seoul, who have met like a fate and fell in love in Korea, have dreamed of a meaningful intimate wedding which could satisfy both American and Korean cultures.
This is the reason why they combined both traditional Korean wedding ceremony and Western reception and night party. Take a look at their beautiful wedding story.

Part 1 Preparation

Danielle and Kyumin, who introduced the most traditional Korean wedding possible to their guests coming from the USA and other countries also planned an after party so that they would not be too confused by the cultural difference.
For the ceremony, they chose the place called Unhyeonggung and as an after party, they chose this one-of-a-kind River that we already introduced you for Nari and Brodie wedding.

You can also see our cute international Danielle and Kyumin couple snapshots, dressed in beautiful hanboks here ! (*in Korean only)

Part 2 The After Party

After a meaningful traditional ceremony, they came to The River where the Han River sight by night was as nice as always.

The bride was dressed in a stylish black dress and attended as the protagonist of the party.

Using a projector, the bride and groom have created a video of their meeting and love story from their childhood to their present, giving the guests a great smile.

In a box, guests put message notes prepared by WEDIT to congratulate and wish happiness to the couple.

The bride and groom picked up and read these message cards one by one and enjoyed memories with their guests.

The party kept going with fun games like the "Shoe Game" that has been done a lot in America these days.
It is a game where the newlyweds take off their shoes, hold the groom's shoes in one hand and bride's shoes in the other, sit without facing each other and make quizzes, putting up the shoe of the person who fits to the answer the best. "Who has the worst sleeping habit?", "Who is better at kissing?" And so on.

The party lasted until late at night, and the guests has been offered variety of activities such as learning salsa dance, cutting and sharing the cake, etc. All this, with a beautiful view on the river. The guests from abroad and those from Korea did not know each other but they did spent and enjoyed this unique time together, which made this ceremony very meaningful.

Thank you, Danielle and Minkyu for this significant cultural mixed ceremony, we wish you all the joy and happiness you deserve!

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