[Small Wedding in Korea] Chinese-Korean wedding in Seoul

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On April 30th, at Jongno in the Cafe Banjul, we had the chance to attend the beautiful wedding of a Korean-Chinese couple.

Jongno Cafe Banjul, Seoul

The Cafe Banjul is a place where you can enjoy various performances and exhibitions every week, giving the place a different atmosphere every time

The bride and groom with WEDIT

The groom Park Boin and the bride Yangpei used to enjoy arts, performances, and culture during their dates.

'What if we had a wedding in our favorite cafe, the cafe Banjul?'. 

This is how we were able to make this beautiful wedding together with the Banjul Cafe manager and team.

Wedding Day

In fact, the couple had a wedding in China before where Yangpei family and friends were all gathered.

On April 30th, the wedding ceremony in Banjul Cafe was held so the family and friends of the bride and groom living in Korea could also attend their wedding. 


Before the wedding, the bride Yangpei and WEDIT shared all the preparation and settled up everything together. 

(Our team can speak Chinese so there was no communication problem! :-) )

In China, there is a culture in which the bride gives tea to the guests who came to the wedding ceremony.

WEDIT had arranged Chinese teas and ceramics in consideration of this custom, and the Chinese wedding ceremony was well integrated into Korean wedding ceremony so that the cultures of both countries were harmonized as much as possible.

The photo table was decorated with a gold color mirrors and chairs to create a vintage atmosphere, matching the unique colors of Banjul.

Welcoming the guests

The bride and groom entered the house with the guests clapping and shouting.

The two of them laughing at each other, as they bumped each other’s head when bowing.

After that, the newlyweds talked to their guests about who they will be to each other in the future by reading their vows.

The groom’s father gave precious words to his loving daughter-in-law who just became part of the family.
The groom’s father, in regards to the Chinese guests, also gave a speech in Chinese.

It was a moment filled with emotions between the father and his son who grew up so well and brought such a wonderful wife in the family.

The bride who puts on the ring smiled brightly watching the groom kissing her hand.

This ended the wedding, which was full of happiness and pleasant laughs.

Second part

After the ceremony on the rooftop of the Banjul Cafe, all the guests had lunch together. 
Then the second part of their ceremony was continued on the 4th floor of the Banjul Cafe.

In this second part of the ceremony, the couple gave musical performances such as a sweet piano performance by the groom Park Boin, which they enjoyed with all the guests. 
The bride, the groom and the guests gathered all together to create a meaningful place by enjoying and singing together, and this day became a precious time that meant more than just a wedding.

After the wedding

After the wedding, Yangpei sent us a message to thank us for all the hardships we went through during the wedding preparations. The couple said that, thanks to WEDIT, they were able to successfully make this wedding happen and the guests also thanked all the team.

WEDIT was also touched more than once during the preparation and the ceremony of this lovely couple.

We will always remember Yangpei and Boin who allowed us to live this touching experience, and we are the one thankful for offering us these warm moments.

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