Introducing Our New Director from France, Melina

1/12/2017 Wedit 4 Comments

Greeting a New Director from France!

In the meantime, many international couples have come to visit us. We've seen a lot of international couples having trouble with preparing a wedding in Korea because of different market system and cultural background.

So, now we introduce our new director, Melina, who will be in charge of helping foreigners who want to have a wedding in Korea. We also expects to extend our point of view on the international wedding culture so that we could help more people make their happiest once-in-a-lifetime moment in Korea.

Now we introduce Melina, a new motivation to WEDIT.

Hello Korea, hello Wedit

I am Melina, I've just arrived in Korea from France and I am integrating Wedit in the wedding directing team.

I've been attending weddings in France as well as in Korea (more in Korea than in France actually) and, as a foreigner, I can say that weddings in Korea are very particular. All those very fancy wedding halls organizing weddings with a factory speed surprised me more than I thought.

Living now in this country, I asked myself, what if I got to marry here ? How would I like my wedding to be ? While talking with other French friends of mine living in Korea, we couldn't deny that our French culture was taking the upper hand and that Korea could offer so much different opportunities than those wedding halls. This is how I got to know about small weddings and Wedit.

But why would I work in that company ? I've been living in Korea for 3 years in total and I know how personal, love and daily life can be difficult as a foreigner, even while knowing the Korean language and culture. This is the reason why, with Wedit goal to change the market and the culture of Korean weddings, I have been attracted right away with the idea of helping foreigners mixing their culture with their Korean loved ones culture for what we call the best day of one's life.

As a new Wedit team member, I am excited to hear about your life journey and help you make your wedding as perfect as it should be and I am looking forward meeting you very soon !

Thanks a lot for reading


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    1. Thank you! I am glad to be part of the WEDIT family :)

  2. Welcome to WEDIT, Melina!