Want to get Married in Korea? Here's a story of international couple!

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This lovely American-Korean couple wanted a small wedding but had difficulties organizing it. They made it with WEDIT, read their story !

Part 1 Preparation

Brodie, an American soldier in South Korea fell in love at first sight with the pretty Korean Nari and wanted to make a small wedding before returning to the United States. As he was struggling with the place, form and language, they fortunately could start preparing the wedding with WEDIT !

In the Korean wedding market, where you have to spend excessively unnecessary expense, our international couple have been wondering how to get a small wedding at a reasonable cost and how to get pre-wedding pictures with the help of friends.

The venue they choose, the Latin Club River, is located in Mapo and can receive until 60 people. Moreover, the place offers a magnificent view on the Han river and Yeouido at a small price, for those who would like to have a small wedding!

Part 2 The Ceremony

In Korea, a ceremony without an official is popular but this is a concept which is difficult to understand from a western point of view. This is the reason why WEDIT and our Korean-American couple worked together to narrow this gap between the Korean and Western culture.

During the ceremony, most of the guests were Korean so the bride read her vows in Korean and the groom read it in English, translated by a WEDIT interpreter.

(WEDIT offers you interpretation in English, Chinese and Japanese, Russian !)

To celebrate this wedding, the bride little sister read a beautiful and touching letter expressing her regrets which brought tears to the guests and the bride eyes.

As the meal was served and the night was falling, the guests could appreciate a little movie about the couple story.

It was difficult for the newly married couple to give enough time to each guests as they had to move to another place to perfect their wedding but they were able to relay their thankful feelings to their guests.

The bride and groom could express their appreciation and greet each person who came for them and we could feel the atmosphere of a small warm wedding.

Even if there was a lot of twists and turns, our bride Nari and our groom Brodie still have a lot of stories to tell and to make with each other and WEDIT wish them all the happiness and joy they deserve in the United States or in Korea.

If you check WEDIT homepage, you will find all you need such as venues, pictures, dress, makeup, music, band, decoration, etc.
You will find a pdf in English here and for more details, do not hesitate to contact us at hello@wedit.kr

*Price of directing service on the pdf could be adjusted a bit.

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