TOP 3 Wedding photographers in Seoul, Korea

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Finding the right photographer with whom you will have a good feeling and the same point of view about pictures for your wedding can be difficult. Indeed, all photographers have their own style and sometimes, it is just difficult feeling confortable with him/her.

Here, we recommend you three of our best photographers based in Korea. All of them will know how to make you confortable and take time to listen to what you really want.

Greg Samborski

Greg is coming straight from Canada and has been living in Korea for years. Always very enthusiastic he knows how to put you at ease and make you confortable, with all the professionalism required. With his very own style, he will catch the right moment for you to remember the feelings you had as you watch again the picture.

Greg has a lot of experience in engagement pictures, portrait, family pictures and such but he is also always interested in new projects. He is used to attend wedding ceremonies as well where he will capture all the happiness and emotions in a very natural way, without you noticing him.

Find out more about Greg's work:
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*If you can read Korean, you will be able to check the price here as well.

Waney Studio

In a confortable and bright atmosphere, Waney Studio will put into a picture all the love you want to relay as well as your personality. « Sensitive and creative » as he describes his style, your engagement and ceremony pictures will have this romantic and touching atmosphere. 

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From Ella has two photographers which give you the choice of two slightly different styles. If you would like to relay a simple and smooth atmosphere, they are the ones for you. Engagement, wedding, family and even pets, they have a lot of offers to fit your wish !

Find out more about From Ella
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If you wish to book a meeting with them or know more about our partners, please check our homepage. For any inquiries, you can contact us on the 1:1 chatbox or by email at

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