How does WEDIT help you having a wedding ceremony in Korea

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Now that we talked about how a wedding hall ceremonies could be seen and why they are so different from Western weddings, I will tell you how we can help you making the ceremony that looks exactly like you, here in Korea.

As we probably said a lot already, WEDIT has a FINAL GOAL to change the wedding market in Korea and to do so, we try to offer you ceremonies that fits YOU. Like you could find in Western countries, the wedding ceremonies we plan are smaller, more customized, more intimate, less « factory » like. Even if we have to talk budget at some point, we like to concentrate on who you two are, what defines you and how we can those meanings to your guests by your wedding.

We used to say to our couples that wedding preparation is a succession of different quests. And WEDIT is the place you can come back in anytime when the quests are so difficult.

Our job is simple to define : we support you in all the tasks you need to do while planning your wedding. We recommend you venues and vendors, contact them for you, arrange meetings for you, do the interpretation if you need to (in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian) and  discuss all the details of your wedding with you and other partners. We often do follow-up meetings but we are constantly in touch via kakaotalk or other messengers. (if you forget something, we are always here to help you remember !)

We also help you mixing your culture for a multi-cultural ceremony and we often calm down the stressed and worried parents who are not used to this new and different culture.

We’ll find you a place, the right course meal for your guests, a dress, a tux, a photographer, a makeup artist and the decoration that fits you. And if you don’t need our help for all of it, that is also totally fine ! We wil follow your lead :)

During the preparation, we do give you some homework though ! Homeworks to help you figure out what you two want, and to help us knowing what you want as well, of course.
During the first meeting for example, we’ll offer you games to help you define yourselves as a team.
Then, we’ll ask you to make several tools like a scrapbook with images of your dreamed decoration and such.

And finally we take control of the venue, the vendors and the proceedings the day of your wedding so you can only think of enjoying YOUR day and spending time with your guests.

WEDIT is not just your planner, it is your supporter, your friend and your advisor.

If you would like to meet us and know more about our services, do not hesitate to ask for a meeting, the first one is always free ! You can also check them here and visit our homepage.
Hope to see you soon in WEDIT !

If you have any inquiry, you can contact us through chatting on our website or send us an e-mail ( 

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