3 MUST Things that should be in your WEDDING

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3 MUST Things that should be in your WEDDING

HeLLo, Everyone! I am Mika, a #global_wedding_director in Wedding Platform Company called WEDIT in Korea. Our Company is oriented in helping couples to plan and make Self Weddings by themselves!

I decided to devote this post especially for those who are busy with their wedding preparations. Here we go!

 3 MUST Things to be Planned Properly in your WEDDING Ceremony

1. Walking in

This part is the most Important part of the wedding ceremony. And you should think about it properly. These are the questions that might help you to make a decision:

- How are you going to walk in?
- Who is going to walk in first?
- Is the groom is going to walk in alone?
- Is the bride is going to walk in with her father?
- Are you going to walk in together (bride and groom)?
- Do you want your parents (usually mums) to walk in first?

After you decide Who and How you are going to walk in, the important thing is to select the right music. These questions might be helpful:

- Are you going to have a live music?
- Are you going to play an mp3 file?
- What music do you want to walk in with?

It is better to make a list of the music for walking in part of the ceremony like "groom's walk in", "bride's walk in", "parents' walk in", etc..

2. Vows

The most important part of the ceremony. It is better to look through some samples of vows and make your own. Here are some samples of other couples that we had.

After the Vows there is going to be the Wedding Ring Exchange.
After everything is done there can be a moment where your parents or friends can say something, as their wish to just married couple. That day everything can be nervous and forget what they wanted to say. That's why it is better to prepare the speech earlier and print it out. I will attach the Father's letter as a sample. 

3. Walking out

All the ceremony is done and from now you are going to walk out as a married couple. That's why this is the most important part of the ceremony. It's good if you add your favorite walking out music. And you can ask your friends to prepare flower leaves to make a Flower Shower at the end of the virgin road.

This was the Basic Wedding Scenario in Korea. It would be really interesting to know how you Plan the Wedding Ceremony in your Country. Will wait for your comments! You can write some other topics you are interested in! Will do my best to write about that too.  Hope this post was helpful for you to get some wedding scenario idea!

For more information go to the website http://wedit.kr

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