A White-themed Modern Garden Wedding at a scenic Han-ock cafe in Korea

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How a wedding could be so natural and elegant

Have you ever thought about a gorgeous, luxury wedding? In fact, high-priced dress, venue and decoration are not the things that make a wedding irreplacable. Instead, it is always about putting the bride and groom's life and values into their wedding.

So today we're here to introduce a wedding which delivered so many messages about their considerations of their life and marriage itself.

Modern and simple styled wedding dress made a perfect match with the bride's image as an expert. Kara bouquet and the jacket on her shoulder were an excellent choice.

The main stage was decorated with white delphinium

This wedding was hold at Cafe Nine, Gang-neung of Korea.

This couple made an beer booth for guests who might be tired of strong sunlight.

Brides in Korea normally sit in a small room waiting for the wedding ceremony, but this bride chose not to be passive and welcomed her guest with a bottle of beer in her hand instead.

The bride and groom didn't hold any other's hand going into the stage. It reflected solely independent life of the bride and groom.

The groom played <She> of Elvis Costello for the bride.

The bride and groom invited the wedding team later for their efforts that enabled a perfect wedding. The following is what the groom said about what a real 'wedding' is.

"Our wedding ceremony was full of the music we love. We loved those songs before, but now it means more than just a music after wedding. So when i have a small arguments with her or when i'm alone, i listen to the music looking back on the wedding day. And it reminds me of the atmosphere, scent, my wife in white dress, all the guests came all the way to celebrate our wedding. Then i got to think how special my wedding was and how important it is in my life. " - The Groom.

There're some moments in our life that bring us back to the joy and delight we felt at that moment. WEDIT think that's only possible by putting all the efforts to do what we really want and do what we think is important. WEDIT is always for those brides and grooms.

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Directing : Yeeyoung Director
Photographer : Wani Studio
Sound : Evergreen Sound
Rental : WEDIT Rental
Decoration : Magan Flower
Video : FilmAmigo

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