Korea Destination Wedding : Soul Searching Wedding in Seoul

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One Day I got an instant message

Chelsea was looking for an wedding planner
who can plan her wedding in Seoul

I wondered what made her want to do her wedding
half way across the world

Chelsea & Andrew's story

Chelsea and Andrew met in 2011 and instantly fell in love

Chelsea had a wish

She was born in korea but adopted to US as a baby

She wanted to find who she was
And always wanted to be recognized by her birth parents

Andrew understood her long wish 
and when she asked

"Can we do our wedding in Korea?"

without hesitation


(Andrew proposing to Chelsea on the top of Eiffel Tower)

So the planning began

The biggest concern was the venue

I wanted to find the right place where Chelsea can
find her heritage also cozy and peaceful

After a month of searching...searching

I found just the right spot for this special wedding

Salon Margot

A quiet Hanok Cafe near Changduk Palace

After a long 6 month preparation
the wedding day came at last

Chelsea became the most beautiful bride

and Andrew wore makeup

After some time in front of a camera
They headed for the beautifully prepared venue

Everybody was excited about the wedding

It was a small wedding
but was meaningful than any other

Andrew couldn't stop smiling

The bride enters

In the name of 


What made this ceremony so special

Joe, Chelsea's Father
was the officiant of the sacred wedding

Father love to her little girl

And all the parents of Andrew & Chelsea
came all the way to Korea
to support their young one's love

The Ceremony was both touching and joyful

 Even made Andrew's father weep in tears

"Now you may kiss the bride!"

 Chelsea's birth mother attended the wedding

Making Chelsea the happiest bride

She at last became fully Chelsea & 안효미

During the wedding reception

Chelsea's Korean mother couldn't let go of her hand
She hold Chelsea's hand as long as she could

It was as though she was quietly sending a silent message

"Thank you for growing so beautifully
I'm sorry...
And I love you"

I wanted to prepare a surprise gift for the two lovely couple

So I rented a pair of'Han-bok' (Korean traditional Clothes)
So that they can really enjoy the Korean heritage

Andrew was shy in the outfit at first
But he sort of liked it in the end... 

After the wedding Andrew sent me a message

Because they were staying in Seoul as their honeymoon
He proposed we meet and have a glass of 'soju'

In the end it was not a glass...
It turned into bottles of soju

We had so much fun knowing each other

Sharing the memory of the most happiest day of someone's life
made us friends, real friends. In korea we call this 인연 

After returning home 
Andrew gave us a great review

Being a part of an unforgettable day

It felt like a miracle to me

To be someone who is a part of their history
is an honor and privilege

It was so grateful to be your Wedding Planner

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