Are you looking for a Wedding Planner in Seoul, Korea

7/23/2015 Wedit 2 Comments

We can 'really' help your wedding in Korea

Having trouble planning your wedding all by yourself?

However, it is find a good wedding planner here in Seoul, Korea.

Especially if you need a planner who

1. is bilingual (fluent in both English & Korean)
2. can find the perfect location for your wedding
3. really knows the local professional vendors

Above all, providing the above with reasonable price!

No more castle shaped Wedding Halls!!

WEDIT provides you with multiple venues which can make your wedding a private & special!

We provide venues where you can feel much more comfortable than korean wedding halls and where you can improvise the decoration &  the ceremony as you wish.

Restaurants, Cafes, Garden, Mansions, Korean traditional house (Hanok), Vintage/Rustic Venues (Pension) etc.

All within 1 hour distance from Seoul!

Professional Photographers & Artists

WEDIT has professional relation with many pre-wedding & wedding photographers with affordable price and make your wedding memorable for a lifetime.

Don't worry! We also introduce you with dress shops and makeup artists too.

We can provide a Wedding Band or DJ if you wish. Make your own wedding party!

Best solution for your wedding in Seoul, Korea = WEDIT

If you are stressed out planning out a wedding in Seoul Korea

Don't hesitate to give us a call.

We'll provide you with more detail information.

Contact us
Cell : 010-7940-0009
Kakao : djsolar
E-mail : /

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